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Our Oil Perfume Can Make a Unique Gift

Whether it’s for yourself or a loved one, our oil-based fragrances can make a unique gift.  At Ruqayya Perfumes in Ontario,Canada we continuously develop our characteristic scents to fit any fragrance type. Each of our perfume products imparts its own sensual aroma that’s made to last. 

Enjoy our oil-based Oud Arabian and French scents which enable us with a cord quality number to sell our products with no allergy on the skin. 

Enjoy the experience of our Impression Oud Arabian and French oils which leaves you fresh , ready to go for a promicing date or event . Easy application convenience when carrying around.  Choose your favourite scent from our premium oil collection brands.

          • Arabian Oud Oil Perfume
          • Body Oil Perfume

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We also offer custom scents for a more unique vibe.  Contact us anytime for any special request.

Note: We are not associated in anyway with the designer brands or their manufacturers.

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